Michael Tsai will work to ensure top-notch public education for all of Milpitas.

Michael's vision for educational excellence:


1. UC Accessibility

Our high school students face an increasingly difficult situation as they apply to four-year university programs. Michael wants to push for higher performance and wider academic support in our schools so our students are better equipped to enter college, while fighting to keep the costs of college down.


2. Recruit and retain quality teachers

Quality education begins with quality teachers, but it's hard to recruit them when they face such a high cost of living in Milpitas. To attract and retain the best employees for our schools, I want to prioritize teacher housing programs, so they can live where they work and focus on what matters most - our students.


3. Technology and vocational education

Our students need to be prepared for the 21st century job market. We should develop our curriculum to reflect this and build up student pathways towards their college and career goals.


Other issues:

  • Expanding school facilities to alleviate overcrowding
  • Raising revenue for school expansion and maintenance


To seek educational excellence for Milpitas, volunteer today to become a supporter, donate to the cause, or help spread the word.

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